samedi 5 avril 2014

Invading Times Square

Invading Times Square

Peter Pan runs a cleaning company
He irons with Wendy and Tinker bell on Tuesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays when the weather's not permitting

Toy Story is a former Iraqi war Vet
He set off mines handed over by minesweepers
In New York he first started as Mikey Mouse
He counted some 500 high-fives a day
It was the slaps that came from the back
from bemused youngsters that irked him the most;
Being caught off-guard made him think of that time when Hello Kitty approached him with an ice cream
He didn't see her coming and while pivoting he flung the ice cream in the gutter
Que lastima”she said.
And that was another story.

The Statue of Liberty is a Peruvian grandmother
who doesn't speak English
She's been working Times Square for 16 years
-Put her daughter through school by having thousands of pictures taken by unknowing tourists.
One day she got arrested for crossing the state line
(She lived in New Jersey)
For ignoring bylaws enforced by Bloomberg.

It was a sunny, crowded, congested and noisy day as usual
Bystanders gawked when the cop handcuffed the
Statue of Liberty
Who shrilled “Jo soy innocente!”
While other hardcore New Yorkers smirked
-Just another annoying eyesore was being
carried away.
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