samedi 26 janvier 2008

Poems etc

Jan 23, 1:48pm
My Caddy

Today in an exceptinonally good mood after the sub-prime crisis

plunged stocks better than my draino;

dipping most currencies execept for the Swiss franc

hence giving me an edge over the hedge of exchanges

monetary and bodily as they say

In this hearty heart mood with full stride

I thought I'd come to a rending conclusion:

I'd change my caddy of 13 years for a new one!

My caddy, my two wheeled chariot that I purchased upon taking residence in France

My caddy, whose handle is split and wrapped in duck tape

with its old blue and green vertical stripes and strings of vegetables

on the inside that have desormais

turned into a fine compost

I was ready to jetson

So into two or three stores it followed me (as usual)

the saleshelp was curteous "was it for a friend?"

one inquired and I smiled explaining how this caddy and I went back

back to before my marriage

back to the time of essentials when

another market or marché was synonymous with being;

when my contact with vendors, with the fresh produce of the day

gave me an added urban joy

My caddy followed

always getting fuller

its little wheels never complaining as I rumped it over harsh curbs

the leek tails sticking out and shaking like bunny ears

as the bus number 79's suspension hissed on the way to Bastille

And today I was ready to rid me of my caddy!

another vendor said: "would you like this"

showing me the latest new-fangled designer model

with a pink coquettish cow emblasoned on it's side

I picked it up, it was light! " was it robust?"

I wondered and the vendor nodded sensing my thoughts

Then, I ran out, not for fear of a flimsy machine but of saying goodbye

Today I said au revoir to the deal of a lifetime

but my caddy still treads along my side.

Jan 13, 10:29am
The Click farm

Googleized by precious 5 cent-a-click ads

a new flourescent agrivirtual economy has sprouted:

throngs of migrant workers unknown toChina or India

have arrived

A sea of calloused minded techy individuals

ready and willing as alaskan goldrushersnow field onion,

leek and potato patches alikeas far as the eye can see

these foreign new fangled farmers

squatPC in lapand click on millions of ads to make an honest living.

Migrant 'mericans and their families hence

are returing to roots andbearing outdoor elements

clicking clicking amongst the worms

this is one of the great stage coach chase scenes in Monument Valley. An interesting adaptation would be, at the last moment when they think they're done for -out of amo- and the calvery show up, to change that scene and have bicycle riders, skate boarders, pogo stick jumpers or speed walkers come to the rescue.

Jan 13, 5:16am
Adieu mon cafe enfumée!

Together we could light up

cigarette and I

and share the counter ensemble

Together we could inhale themorning news

the prospect for a boulot

the comings and goings of Benoit

The smoke surrounded us like an egyptian veil

it gave us direction and punctuated time

our gests were as regular as menstruation:

the light, the flicker, the toke we exhaled

good and evil admist espresso, beer and wine

we exhaled woes and bewonderment

while la lune lay low and the stars

shined above

Yet today we are speechless without a butt

void of commeraderie to light one another's

hermetically stuck to our new patches

dans un espoir to alleviate nicotine fever

We are left to leaf today's dry paperlooking for something

our lips trembling beseech

le pourquoi maintenant?

implore to know why this oral void

hath befallen like a guillotine

why now?

pourquoi maintenant?

It's another phone booth towed away

It's 7 am, still twilightand before my bus stop

a lone phone booth makes its wayon a flatbed

rolling out of town

destination unkown

perhaps to a dump of lost communications

or to a place where they'll melt down its wires

All those years of upright intimacy

are gonetogether we could listen to the good

and bad newshappily crammed

as the city bustle brushed beside

insulated from wind and rain

the booth stood in all weather tall,

transparent and vulnerable

Now on its way out people look with little regret

could these silos be restored, recyled for other uses?

or shall we thank them and bid them goodbye!

Is Alkaida actually a terrorist organization disguised

as an ecological movement?

To look at the French papers many comments

show relief that it will be a year of less pollution and

less kids run over without this race.

But on the flip side the african nations involved get a piece of the cake:

lots of revenue is generated and cheap labour,

even degrading labour, is how many live.

Should the race be moved to Lybia or perhaps done in antartica with electric cars...

at least they'll be out of the way of political threats!

Jan 2, 1:19pm
Spent Christmas in London and it was fantastic.

You Brits are on a rising star...

The Big Eye

Strung together like a bicycle wheellight and majestic,

spinning in perpetualslow motion

in regular hermetic knitting fashion

yarn twine cables

Yea passengers are projected high

above London's cityscape and

in this 30 minute time-released ride

hovering over Big Ben

We travelers now cosmonauts

are dancing with Hal in 2001

free and careless of all tinkering

informationdata nonesense and cellular distractions


that invades without will

just free

Together we soar to witness

a city's past,present and future

to accept what is ignored

Tis a monument of bliss and merriment

to be uninterrupted, at peace.

Dec 21, 2007 12:17pm
Today I went through 20 years of broken glass

to get to a leak that was caused by the upstairs neighbor.

Apparently the former tenants either esteemed it painstaking to throw out thier bottles or

perhaps, it is the case of an alcoholic in hiding who,

in utmost discretion, drank away in the toilet and threw out the stuff in a shaft

that was wider than my body

And so on for years and years!

Mon corps, limited in pliability,

creeked cagily as I labouriously picked the glass

as an archeologist might the bones of some ancestor in the mongolian desert.

After 2 hours I was rewarded with the touch of sewage water on my finger tips.

Alas, my plumber -who was to large to enter the shaft-

lifted me out of there with a sure smile and the real work began.

Dec 18, 2007 10:25pm
A considerable leap

Cow flatulance which is responsible of l.75% of all global warming has had scientists miffed as how to remedy this problem. However, recent findings that CO2 emmision free kangaroo farts can be transfered to cattle have more than a few ranchers smiling: australian cows are benefiting from a trail experiment where kangaroo genes are injected into thier intestines. The result is less odor and zero heat. These results are indeed so positive that other species are being considered and why not humans. It's time to get hoppity.

Dec 3, 2007 1:20pm
et encore ce cils sont couverts de sable, suis-je coupé du mondesur mon ilôt Galapogosien; rempli des petits êtres qui, comme dans Lord of the Flies essayent de vous manipuler de vous surprendre car leur but supreme c'est de conquerir et obtenir leur droit et le gérer àleur pourrai te racconter mon épisode planté dans les sables mouvantesun jeune tuer en serie m'a approcher pour brader avec ma vie maisc'était la fatigue, serial killer s'écrivait avec un C et dans mon état jevoyait le Cheerios, le Captain Crunch et le Crispies (qu'on écrit avec unK) peu importe j'était au bout des forces et je ne voulait pas mourir car jen'avait pas encore vu un Broadway musical! encore cette tourbion, le sable les enfants de l'evaporation dans tous les sensescar la nappe phréatique et loin -peut-être un milion d'années d'ici et j'avais évidement soif, soif pour connaître le cycle d'étudesavec des questions sur les consequances sur l'évaporation du Lemon Lakesur les mouches qui doivent cracher pour rendre plus liquide leur nouritureet entendre "bleeeeeeeuuuuuuuuurrrrk" a maintes reprises car on ne peut pasdissecter un ver de terre sans un "bleeeeeeeuuuuuuuuurrrk" au nom de l'aprenti,du père, la mère et Saint Darwin.
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