jeudi 14 juin 2018

Indescribable descriptions

I wish I could describe the lid of my
Broken trashcan that I worked on so hard to
Clean and repair.

I cannot describe my tonsils
Because I always thought they were in the middle
Of my throat and not at the sides.

Now that I had them removed
The white crust reflected in a mirror
Is all that is left to see.

I thought I could describe Justice until
I made a special trip to the supermarket to
Use a $10 coupon only
I forgot to use it.

A group of cheerleaders were preparing for a
Trip to South America with a private sponsor
They approached a propeller plane to take them
to a remote destination. One of the cheerleaders,
Beatrice, threw her baton up for fun but it hit the
spinning propeller and got propelled through the
skull of the cheerleading coach, Bobby.
The cheerleaders looked at the man's indescribable body
and chuckled, adding, "Bobby never knew where to keep his hands
anyhows. He deserved it."

I was so enthusiastic describing the urban renewal in Detroit
That when I read about a writer who couldn't describe it I deemed
That "urban renewal" was not in his vocabulary -or- the unassuming process of a participating
Democracy that stitches warehousing and residential codes to objectifyingly create new borders
Yet at times exclude children, education, public space and even the public, must have gone
Beyond a limited language and Chomskyish conceptual mind set.

Lastly, I am no longer in a, a position whereby I can objectively
Describe my tomatoes or raspberry bushes.
They're so genuinely tomato and
Genuinely raspberry that any approach using
Purpose and Facts
With an irreverent desire to
Speak the Truth will
Leave the listener in a permanent state of
Fear, void of hope and recognition of what a True
Tomato or Raspberry is.

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