mercredi 27 juin 2018

Departures (A nod of recognition to Ginsberg's "Howl")

I saw the best minds of generations
War time scholars who
Arrested students for a comma or a pronoun.

Intellectual monkeys who
Mocked those who played and
Graffitified Racism under bridges

Yakyaking -almost nasal- in brightly lit
Florescent Institutions
Undressing Shakespeare, Poe and Dante like
Dancers in a strip joint

Estatic no-drama lovers
Stewing in theology
Dreaming of an unknown vegetable

A spy, a tweet, a bloody nose.

I saw a wise fringe heading East and West
Howling like a train
Trapped between
The conscious and the unconscious

A fringe of culture and hair
A rocket smoking
Tears of accomplishment.

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