dimanche 22 avril 2018

Showbie detox

It was so easy and friendly to me
Show, Show-bee
I preload my timely notifications
Pinned my voice notes and
Smart document viewer
Texted  my co-teachers for tips and coffee
Glanced at the Parent Page to see if their in
The Loop

I could show my quick marking audio exporting
Grades-at-a glance
To Australian and New Guinea schools
Also nourishing on technology

My digital platforms allowed me to
Skip mentoring and better integrate the
Workflow to break the Puzzle

That Puzzle of knowledge that Show
Understanding is garnering curiosity so
My learners are sucking it up
Outside the box

My learners relaxed 'cause
Assignment notifications communicated
Individually and they plugged  in
Spotify -astonishing- music
Reducing  the reusing because of FOMO
(fear of missing out)

These tools nourished me day in day out
I applied applications after applications to make Progress happen
Then, one day, I  Showbied out.

I'm in a detox facility in Arizona
They've tied my fingers together for 6 weeks so I can't text
Not even my parents!
And I'm not allowed to use any Apps -not even in the bathroom.

Today I'm disconnecting to reconnect
And to hell with the smart documents and
Digital platforms and
Education and knowledge.
Tonight I'm going out
Putting on platform leather shoes to show
The World who I can be!

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