dimanche 10 décembre 2017

Trump and Bibi's gifts

After Trump's surprise announcement to move the embassy to Jerusalem, Netanyahu -Bibi- has tweeted back to the President that he is sending the Wailing Wall to Washington D.C. The Radiant Elephant Community is happy to release the following private tweets.

"You can do what you want with it" Bibi wrote to Trump, "you can even place it at your Marl-a-Lago golf club. You could charge an extra fee to have golfers practice choking down on their shaft to drive the ball over the 19 meter Western Wall. Get it? 19 meters, it was built in 19 B.C. that one meter for each B.C. LOL!" (@therealBibi)

"But they'll never hit it over the wall"

"That's the point: it'll be an exercise in frustration!"

"You're the man, Bibi! I'll invite all those sorry Dems and I'm gonna put 100 cutouts of nasty, wicked Hillary -that sore loser- along the wall and we'll print and stuff a million of her private emails into the cracks of the wall and have 'em drive my Trump balls from Marl-a-Lago to Jerusalem!"(@therealDonald)

"And add some groping clowns and Marl-a-Lago will be more popular than Graceland!"

Although the dismantling of the wall can take years experts say that most likely a replica will be built, sent over, and Trump won't know the difference.
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