vendredi 14 avril 2017

Hector's Dandelion Yellow

This poem is dedicated to all retired Crayola Colors and to Derek Walcott’s epic work, Omeros.

Paris took Helen and 
Hector couldn't color Helen
He was trying to get on the list of impresarios  
That included 

Ancaeus, Blanirus, Clytius, Meriones, Nireus, Phidippus and Thoas
All wishing to impress the most beautiful maiden ever 
They were in the Act of showing off their exploits

Wielding swords and chains with the lightness of a bird's plumage
But Hector wasn't dupe
Using his favorite crayon he stroked the lines of her perfect face on his French Canson paper

He took a deep breath, rubbing his beard as if it were 
There forever 
Knowing that his colouring kit and even his olive Trojan soap dish were subjects of foretold retirement  

(Agamemnon hated these colors and readied his army to eliminate 
Purple Mountain Majesty, Macaroni and Cheese and Jungle green)
But it was Dandelion Yellow, the color often he used
A color he proudly wore encrusted under his fingernails
That Hector would die for
Knowing only dandelion could represent Helen's sumptuous hair!

When he dueled Ajax to a stalemate
A fight before their armies that lasted longer than a filibuster 
Recognising the fierceness of his opponent under the last of the sun's rays 
He lent Ajax his favorite color yellow

But Ajax, his skin still shining with sweat
Took it as a gift, calling Hector an Indian Giver and 
Offered Hector a box of Yellow Inchworm 
The latest of Crayola's colors in return.

At first the soldiers rejoiced cheering as Hector held the new
Yellow high in the air with a puzzled face
It was said even Zeus descended from the sky and

Held a large portrait of Big Bird
Knowing it was Hector's intention to offer it to Helen

For her to color in

But Hector needed to know and

Striking the crayon on his skin for a test
His ensuing grimace was so large it eclipsed the sun and the moon and

Witnesses retold how darkness descended beyond Dante's lowest circle of
Then, a furious scream resounded over the land and the sea

"My yellow-ow-ow" wailed Hector to the astonishment of the armies
Spitting out his gum and unsheathing his sword
"This yellow will not do, I want Dandelion back!"

But Ajax, knowing his advantage
turned and declared Hector unworthy

Helen in dismay, was said to shed many a tear as the Greeks regrouped for another battle.
And Achilles was summoned by Agamemnon 

Without his faithful crayon
Hector's strength was tapped, sapped and ebbed
Wasted like an un-recycled beer can

It was time for Achilles to get into the fray 
Hector was fearless and unfeeling
He took the inchworm yellow in his left hand

But Achilles mortally wounded him before he could do 
His last visions were of frisbees and yo-yos
2000 years before their invention
"Would these be retired too?" he thought he heard Helen whisper in his ear.

With Hector dead Achilles dragged Helen with such force
His Generals compared him to an 
Elephant  Vacuum cleaner

Still, Helen spat at his face
Achilles then dropped her before a crowd to get stoned
When Menelaus arrived stumbling after a rough night
He drank two hand-crafted chocolate fizzios from Starbucks
To ready him for his divine deed to execute Helen
Menelaus raised his sword but Helen dropped her robe
And seeing such stunning beauty he catapulted her to Sparta to marry and be merry.
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