mercredi 13 avril 2016

Blurring reality

My doctor said that I shouldn't walk downstairs with my new glasses
The steps could become blurry

I said that's ok
At work they call me the "Smudger"
I becloud what once was
Focused into
A nebulous disorder of
Disenchanted pixels

From my desk on a daily basis I becloud

Cow tags to


Who are all in search of guarding their privacy

Just like a secluded, enchanted forest
That needn't balsa bashers who tip toe into the timber
With tree-hugging ambitions!

But then there are the Teddy Bears that I diligently befog their misty surroundings
To protect them from their whereabouts as
They may fall prey to kidnappers, torturers or simply vandals

Smudging isn't only a fad of the day
When the Parthenon was first built
The architect Phidias is rumoured to have wished that the Goddess Athena,
The Goddess of Wisdom and Strength,
See it after a bleary, sleepless night so as not
To appreciate its imperfections.

The Goddess Athena after a rough night, circa 437 BC

One of the first photoshopped images and example of blurring, circa 432 BC*

But even Einstein

When he first discovered his theory of relativity smudged
The curvature of spacetime representing operational forces of gravity

Because in those days his family said that he took an anticlimactic dive
Today he would have listened to DJ Khaled's minute on motivation

And moved on to the next theory.

Still some things not travelling at the speed of light travel so fast that they appear
The puck of a hockey player that has been wacked on
With full follow through using body, weight and stick
Is rarely clear to the naked eye

And morally and ethically should it ever be unblurred?
Would the puck not lose its status as a MOOI (moving object over ice)?

And so if you are offended or not 
I shall go back to my chores and my mission
To blur where no one can blur
To smudge where no one has smudged 

I choose from my palet my tools 
Just like Leonardo would chose his colours and brushes
And I smudge and smudge and smudge.

*Find attributed to archeologist Langola
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