mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Rocking Chair

There rarely came a time when I didn't want to rock no more
The swivel on my chair came at the price of a screech 
The wood planks under my feet perhaps cried under my weight 
As I stretched my legs forward gathering momentum
Pulling my back back with
A magazine firm in my hands

On my porch I rocked beyond the chirps of birds
That swerved and veered off my original thought of the moment
And though I strayed
The rocking chair brought me back to
Where I started 

John Kennedy used a rocking chair
It was rumoured he almost fell off his chair during
The Cuban Missile Crisis
And due to his bad back
He rocked in the Oval Office and
On Air Force One

The Etruscans and Trojans thought of rocking even before the arch was invented
However the instability of their early mechanisms had horses falling and
Slaves scrambling for a foothold

Just like some modern inventors concocted the Rocking Bed or

The Rocking Table

Not all things that Rock, Rock

Still, as I sit rocking in this chair I cannot help but think of the passing
Seasons, the Whale on Pluto and my fellow rocker here next to me
(Some think of him a touch tinny) 
Above the creaking you hear his circuits 
A Bible of sounds

My robot, 
Asks me about passing time
Gives me physical estimations on my vortex and
Chair's trajectories 

Worries if I
How will I catch myself?
And wonders about circulation, digestion and 
The gestation period in the womb that
I so often talk about.

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