mercredi 8 avril 2015

The Botox Vending Machine

Most of us know the Vending Machine
Some consider them intimate 
Interchanging, exchanging
Dropping your Choice without
A Thank You or
A parachute
On a daily basis

The Vending Machine
Offers a smooth, even transaction
It's a masterpiece of movement in a box
Unless your number is caught

In the Piggy's curlycue whose mission
Is to eject your choice
And leaves it hanging for Eternity!

Vending Machines are everywhere!
They reproduce in silence
Appearing in unfathomable locations:
A tunnel, a forgotten corner, next to a cash machine 

Yet we forget how long they have been with us
Remains of prehistoric Vending Machines have been found
Be it the Mammouth Meat or Sandal Dispenser 
Evidence points to how these machines
Wheeled Mankind out of darkness

Paleolithic Vending Machine circa 160,000 B.C.

Our forefathers knew that
Hot Meals could not depend on a woman 
-Or a man

Even monarchs and politicians knew
And continue to exploit these instruments

The Queen of England addressing Heads of State. This lavish dinner was 
served using only the latest Vending Machines. (2004)

But some of us remember how beautiful they were
Like elegant Cartier jewellery shops
The Vending Machine came first
Its goods second
Designers worked to build a trust
That even an expired Hershey bar would not spoil

The intellectuals 
(Always the intellectuals)
Dreamt of a way for
Books to be available in the desert or Amazon
The Book O Mat made this possible
At any hour, at any time
You could run out 
And read Heinline

And for those who think porcelain or crystal
Need to be delivered with delicate hands
You are right!
This machine, designed to be placed in households
Avoids marital abuse:
No more flinging plates at your spouse
The Love Dispenser
Breaks all tension with couples
Even those with histories of long abuse have 
Have basted this Dispenser with Merits

Today some say Vending Machines are out of mode
Yet every year sees new innovations!
This Botox dispenser has not taken a wrinkle
Available only in Doctors' waiting rooms
The lines continue to grow.

American Botox Dispenser, 1912

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