mardi 6 janvier 2015

Journey behind the Retina

"Look left at the black lines
Look right at the vertical lines
Can you see my finger
Can you see through the narrow hole?"

D H 3O or Q  1 5 7
AY2 4 8 or a or 8 2
"Is it better this way or that way?"
"Is it better like this or like that?"
I can see the markings getting narrower
I am on the Amalfi Drive in my Cadillac
I can smell the leather, the vinyl, the sea
Waves hitting against the hard lens of my cataract 
I am feeling wise like the owl
          Multiple fly-like eyes offer me a neo-nefarious power

          That my angelic wings flutter to keep cool

The light Moon  and the dark Sun are fleeting
My deposit slip is opaque
The coded lines slip between my fingers

"Now cover one eye and focus on my finger"
I wanted to be a doctor
I wanted my sons to be doctors
"Now relax M'am, what is your secret?"
I don't see... What my secret?
"Yes you're so sharp!
"Tell me honey, how do you do it?"

I don't give up
I never give up!

"M'am, M'am?"
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