dimanche 20 octobre 2013

UCS Delivery

"UCS Delivery" in Memory of Michael Dell  10/l4/13

It was summertime
Hot and oppressive
We worked as a team
To find work
To earn some young dollars

Mike took me to that Pearl River Tower
A small idiosyncratic skyscraper in the middle of nowhere
We picked up boxes of contracts
Contracts that needed tedious explaining

Out the revolving door into the car we
Hammered ourselves going
Door to door
Explaining in one minute and 30 seconds
A card, a rebate, a signature.

Michael had sold encyclopedias
He taught me the tricks how to up the tone
And look at the mother or father or both in the eye
To make them thinks twice about their child's education

That summer of l976
We barreled around the suburbs
Sweating it out and laughing it in
Until we came up with a coy scheme
That made Eurika cry for help

I've told this story to many for over 30 years
This story stands as my first summer job and
Like a first love or first of anything 
It will always stand

Today I learned Michael is no longer with us
The chance to sit down with you Michael is gone
But as long as my moon rises piercing the clouds of yonder
Our story will live on.

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