dimanche 20 octobre 2013

Random Justice

Random justice
Pleading parts
That don't fit

Tackling moral, mandatory, laws

Natural Justice
While some organizations are affirming rights in the Amazon
A generation of trees is earmarked
Like cows in Patagonia
They drop leaving a carbon print to oxide

Meteorological justice
Hurricane Katrina arrives to New Orleans
Gusty arguments are taken to the Supreme Governor 
Sassy, segregated, southern legislators write affidavits in safety
Ignoring  streaming thousands taking shelter in the Superdome
Sweltering on live TV with no food or water

Penitentiary Justice
The shackled convict nods downwards passing his mother
After a 3 day trial
In his cell
The walls and the bars are there to sublimate
A will that is
Never present
Never asking forgiveness
Years pass
The ghost of the prisoner's soul is waiting for parole
A waft of crystal meth is still frozen in his memory
Who will take him, will he find liberty?

Drug-related Justice
The parents of a pot-smoking
Colorado Kid that they can't control
Up in arms after the legalization of marijuana
Despite the fact that the rampant selling grass is now generating tax
revenue to pay for school programs

Lampedusa Justice
For the few who have made the 113 miles from Tunisia without
capsizing the Island
Now littered with encampments
Struggles to net in its former reputation
of a touristic fishing haven
in the face of bodies floating off its shores

There are so many: Equatorial Justice, Media Justice, African Justice
Sexist Justice, Justice in an elevator, Justice that smells,
Peanut Justice, Justice that can be seen
All stand before bearded Judges in lederhosen
Before lawyers at the bar gyrating erudite language
Shooting Code from the hip
Soliciting the Jury
A case is to be made
A Sentence is hammered
As stiff as a Montecristo drink.

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