dimanche 24 février 2013

Hanniballs, Berlusconi and the Pope

He was ordained, the Chosen One
He had come from Carthage with
38,000 infantry, 8,000 cavalry, and 37 war elephants
Like his Grandfather not only did Hanniballs have to face
The extreme cold conditions with men unseasoned to the cold or mountain climbing but

Hanniballs croxxing the Alps

He knew there were 27 Bunga-Bunga girls waiting for him at the border of Menton
Enchanting, seductive Amazon Sirens
Fearless, they were ready to suck the trunk even out of Patraeus' Elephant

But Hanniballs was clever

He devised special crampons that allowed his 37 Elephants to go safely over a high Alpine Pass

He devised giant horse blinds in case his elephants ran into the Bunga Bungas

But Time was running short
Whereas his Grandfather hung l5 years in the Po valley eating truffles 
Hanniballs had to get to Rome fast
Berlusconi was getting elected on a bunch of lies and
The Pope was about to resign; the Vatican Papaless!

Rome would loose all morals
The Bunga Bungas would invade His Holy Quarters
Hurry Hanniballs, Hurry!

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