lundi 3 septembre 2012

Change your tires before a drive-thru wedding

They were in love:
It may have been chemistry
Some say it way all in the eyes but
He had a bulge for her and she
provided the traction he needed.

They met one sunny afternoon
At R35 between 0.3 miles West of SR 226 on 5th and SR 227 Street

He worked for the Nevada Department of Transportation
Most of his days consisted of picking up tire fragments from exploded tires

She worked for a private contractor
Setting cones on the road and waving traffic 

On weekends they would go to Vegas and play three card Monte on the sidewalk
Until one day after winning a twenty
He knelt down and proposed.

The waves of heat made the soles of his boots sticky
She nodded a Yes
He flagged a taxi to get to his car
(He had left the ring in the ashtray)
Then they roared over to the drive thru wedding

"What do ya want?" blurted the speakerphone 
"A drive thru simple, with a wash, oil check or sparkling Chardonnay?"
"We'll just have the simple" he said with a smile, pulling the ring out of the ashtray
                           "That'll be $100. No checks or credit cards." Commanded the speaker.

Witnesses appeared at each window
Vows were taken before a priest who stood on the hood
And in less than 5 minutes they were off

With a tank full of love 

Their car raced along the painted stripes of the desert road

Their destiny had no limit
Even with that bulge in the tire.

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