lundi 16 avril 2012

The Titanic

The Titanic
a silent novel by Jamesola Langola. 

Sam and Fred are two happy-go-lucky  dogs on the Titanic. Their master was Charles Randolf Macy the IIIrd. Everything was just swank: drinks were "a volonte" and the dogs even had foie gras as an appetizer. When the ship hit the iceberg things took a nasty turn and the dogs could smell the trouble in the air. they looked over the icy ledge and reminisced about their comfortable lives in New Jersey when their master would have  butler James take them to the kennel when Madam would go shopping. 

Sam resting during the Titanic's maiden voyage.

Further down on deck, Millicent and Jarvis, two pooches, contemplated who would take the
lifeboat as the orchestra played their last songs

Millicent and Jarvis were confused because they couldn't understand the exited voice of their excited
boss, who reverted to speaking Japanese.

Fortunately, Madame Wiggens and Ursula, two of the first class poodles, had a nose for lifeboats, and they offered advice to the young pooches.

Albeit stuffed with people!

There was little time left. Millicent looked at Jarvis, Jarvis at Millicent, and then they both looked
at the incredible stars that shone above them. Millicent pushed Jarvis, making a quick pounce and...

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of the Titanic                  (or Titanica). Do Millicent and Jarvis survive? Will Madame Wiggens find another solution for a lifeboat? Can Sam and Fred find happiness in their memories?

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