samedi 7 avril 2012

Pink Slime and White Coats

Pink Slime and White Coats

 According to a large body of work
our bodies work according to the environment.
If you wear a Wall Street Jacket
you are liable to save pennies in your bone bank

A simple doctor's jacket

Can make you a more detailed oriented person, regardless
our skills or background

A farmer's overalls

Will suffice to go fou fou for leek

A military uniform

Makes one more adept in the killing fields

And wearing a butcher's apron

Will make you a ground beef master

But in America when business outfits and science outfits come together 

Using Ammonia to sterilize and beef up sales

All in the name of Connective Tissue

Our bodywork is lost
The environment has been broken

The Ammonia burger has been created!

Ammonia burgers don't sound good
So some call them Pink Slime burgers!

If Coleridge (the author of Kubla Kahn) were alive today

Might not he close his eyes and see a pleasure dome and icy caves
while bitting down on a Pink Slime Burger?

Or would he see, after biting a chomp,
his demon lover?

Or a pig, flying over the dark chasm of humanity?

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