samedi 14 avril 2012

Expired Passport

Just a few days before an expected departure over the seas
I lay half asleep, ruminating with face pressed into the folds of my pillow
When some inner neuron coming from God knows where
Carried an alarm indicating that my passport was expired.
Wearily, feet searching for slippers, my body responded
to nocturnal commands.

I shuffled like Frankenstein's Bride
(my hair whipped up on the sides)
to the dark desk whereinith my Passport lie.

Damnation! The fatal date 
marked clearly in ink
belonged to another time in the past
It was a pill I had to swallow
And dilly dallying would serve no justice!
I would have to cast
a line
Emergency Passport.

Knowing that most mortals rarely check their Passports on a yearly basis,
Why? thought I,  couldn't my cherished government create a friendly reminder
so that 3 months before the DATE
one would be alerted to take a course of action.

Hence I wrote to the Department of State

Suggesting that a passport would contain a timed device
that meant that it would start smoldering 3 months before expiration.
To my surprise the State office accepted
Under the one condition that citizens must wear fireproof clothes and pajamas 

 Thanks to the State Department
I got the renewal in time and made it to my plane to
see the launching of the latest missile in North Korea
A giant missile in the shape of Kim Jong Il!
I never clapped so hard in my life
As Kim Jong soared over the skies!

The following day, however, my hands hurt so much
puffy and too tender for a handshake or touch
I went, thinking wisely for some needed relief:
little acupuncture needles in thy neck,
and my passport, firmly in my rear pocket.

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