lundi 2 avril 2012

Cracking fingers, arthritis and other studies.

50 years of cracking fingers does not give arthritis.

(Thanks to a study where Donald Unger tested cracking
his own hand, the evidence is conclusive.)
Nevertheless, scientists have discovered that,
-smoking crack and cracking knuckles may.

Other related studies streaming in has revealed that:

-37% of people who crack their fingers are victims of assault.

-people who crack their fingers while driving and texting are not,
according to a recent 6 year study in California, more prone to accidents

than people who play sudoku and text drive.

-men who crack their pants while cracking their fingers do not risk
contracting diabetes more frequently than women who crack their pants idem.

Finally, Merit schools report that 82% of students who crack their fingers are no
more sensitive to the noise of nails scratching down a blackboard or the heavy
breathing of a bully than students who do not crack their fingers.

However, students who cracked their fingers showed higher results in
CGCSE and IB4UME tests than their counterparts who scored lower in
CGCSE but higher in IB4UME.

No link was found between cracking fingers and obesity, although it is believed that
the wider the individual the more difficult it is for the hands to reach each other,
grasp the knuckles and pop the space of synovial fluid, hence making cracking impossible.

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