dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Dogface transplant

Belgian doctors have succeeded in their first dogface transplant. The l8 hour surgery proceeded without a hitch. The medical team also removed fleas from the patient, Joe, (its real name is being concealed for ethical reasons)

If you would let me lick your face,
release the steam from my tongue
smell and sniff
sweet bone molecules in the air

Your chops are my chops
I will drool for you
wrap a fly or bee in my mouth for you to kill
blow out a match with my paw

If I can press my nose against
any part of your body
I can smell you in the breeze
Identify you in the midst of a perfume department
Blow pollen in your direction

I will love thy dogface as you love mine
and in Heaven we will sniff the Lord of Love.

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