lundi 9 février 2009

Peanut Highway to Heaven

Since the salmonella outbreak has contaminated the American food chain and millions of peanut products and by-products are being recalled, one Arizona road builder has come up with the idea of using it in their asphalt. Tests show that that adherence, especially in wet weather is increased threefold compared to conventional asphalt topping. Although some drivers find the khaki hue off-putting, Arizona-phalt says that these "peanut-ways" will revolutionize the highway system and thanks to their pleasant odor birds keep them cleaner than traditional highways.

To attest to this enthusiasm a former peanut worker from Georgia was quoted to say "I love working for Arizona-phalt. Back in Georgia I had to follow 79 rules, 79 steps before I could even put my foot in the production line. Now it's just one step: show up to work and push that barrel that creams the butter right into the tar. I feel good about myself, I feel good about America,and" waving his extended hand, "I'm taking that salmonella crap out of the system."
Arizona workers preparing to smear peanut butter onto highway 66
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