mardi 3 février 2009

The jalapeno draft-buster

The giant jalapeno ebbed its way (by itself) towards the door.
There it would take its sacred place, a place were few currents have known to pass
and benefiting from its pungent, firey soul

block all cold air that may fit under the door!

But this giant jalapeno as it turns, isn't only destined to warm a house or apartment:
due to the uniqueness of its size, shape and ardour,

Frigid couples who have had years of icey drafts settle between them
have been grabbing them up by the thousands to replace marriage counselors
And though such success should catapult the jalapeno door mat
to Star porportions
dangers abound for
when not watching, either in the early or late of day
this tender svelt pouting pillowed prankster
will not hesitate to trip a homeowner or tenant
and falleth he or she may down the cold abyss of a stairwell
All warm affection is short circuited
and pain descends into the bones.

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