samedi 31 janvier 2009

Walden III

Needless to say my affection for the parking lot grew during the summer. True one was more aware of certain odors emanating from the trash but on the upside the buzz of life, both human and animal, made it exciting. During my experiment I would pick lost coupons either on the asphalt or in the caddies. This provided me with an extra income that was satisfactory and I judged politically correct. But in July I could actually make money on the coupons!
On the lst I found:
$1 off on dandruff shampoo
50 cents of on 3 razors
$1 off with the purchase of diet coke
$1 with the purchase of 6 bottles of milk
$1 off on a new strawberry banana grapefruit juice
$ 1 off on 6 family sized chicken dogs
50 cents off on a bag of pretzels
$1 off on extra-strength dishwasher soap
50 cents off on concentrated instant soup
50 cents off on a 12 pack of sugarless chewing gum
50 cents off on antibacterial toothpaste
and $2 off with the purchase of 6lbs of chuck steak

for a total of $10.50

On July 5th, my findings weren't so great but my heart was lifted by a $l.75 coupon for the purchase of an acrylic cover. Just the night before my blanket burnt up during the 4th of July fireworks show and its replacement was critical.
On the 7th I ran into Carl Field, the owner of a big, red SUV.
He needed a quarter for his caddy and since I always had a pocket full I was glad to help him out. I accompanied him to the store (I had needed a bottle of mouthwash) and we had a long talk about self-sufficiency and recycling. When I poked at Carl for having a big car he questioned how he could possibly put 14 grocery bags into a compact sedan? "Even my kids are bugging me bout CFO's, NFO's and FFO's or whatever but I got a big family and it's my job to bring the chow home." I tried to mention planting carrots in his garden but by then he picked up his pace and raced his caddy onwards.
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