samedi 31 janvier 2009

Walden III

Spring time finally came about but the month of April was extremely wet. It rained and rained on end and a phenomenon of relentless puddles produced caddy-pushing behavioral modifications that were quite astounding. Though most would go around the puddles some would ignore or take joy in going through them. The depth of the puddles was always at issue. One I named the "Great Puddle" appeared bottomless and it lasted from November to May due to a clogged storm drain.

In April when I measured it it spanned 31.2 yards by 24.6. At it's greatest depth, and this I measured with accuracy thanks to a GPS locater, was only 2.9 inches; not very deep but deep enough to overwhelm the sole of a Timberland Goodyear stitched boot. The following year the "Great Puddle" did freeze on January l6th, 2008. Children loved sliding over in every direction while the elderly struggled for balance. On the day of a power out -I had recorded 7 over the 2 year period- I witnessed the general manager come out with a team of helpers. This surprised me as I had rarely seen them leave the complex.

Yet there they were cutting out cubes of ice, steam puffing out of their noses, some piling them into caddies and hauling them away, most likely to the frozen meat section which was in a state of deep thaw.
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