mardi 13 janvier 2009

The pipeline and the desert rat

While the well heated country of Ukraine repulsed the bitter Siberian cold
and street festivals abounded and people chuged down cool pavlovskis defying the frost

Gasprom's gas was somehow being abutted, the transit of the precious matter no longer reached the delta of Europe's customers causing
Shoppers in Marseille, unbeware and unsuspecting of such a non-delivery to be struck with bewilderment, flabbergasted by "snow flakes provencale"

Which got some to hit the streets taking air with skis or snowboards,
making a spectacle of the spectacle
landing not on olives but real white fluff!

Until international relations tensed; diplomats were called to find a solution to this hotly disputed pipeline. Finally a study panel revealed that a Ukranian desert rat was being
from his way to visit a well known Indian actress making her first appearance for a hand-sewn Ukranian clothing company. The result which

cut off the all important valve feeding precious gas to all of Europe.

Now the problem resolved, it is hoped that the Ukranian desert rat can escort the sexy Bipasha to her new hotel suite in Saint Petersburg, just a stones throw from the Hermitage
And future frozen scenarios can be avoided.
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