mercredi 7 janvier 2009

King Louis and Koons at Versaille

Bubble pop, pop! Bubble
This 3 century schism between royalty and balloons;
If Louis the Sun Ra King could have inflated or blown
t'would have been the pink, latex envy of his court
And in his regal, gold gilted day, when Louis the XIV arose from slumber
the first rays brushing against his blond eyelids
He would behold the manicured gardens of the jardin du roi
frog-filled fountains spurting white froth under blue sky
The helium balloons bouncing and swirling from their anchors

In the inner chamber
humming in concert over the brio of Mozart
vacuum cleaners in the Palais de Glace

Anne d'Autriche swerving a Hoover
might have irked the peasant proletariat
but under the legs of her jeweled cabinet
dust would be a stranger

Today the millions of visitors at Versaille flashing digital images
some bubble blowing others skip hopping a few gawking
at the chateau-scape dotted by reflecting latex like stainless steel sculptures
May go home to their democratic jungle of civility
Scratch a lottery card and put the zapping finger 'en marche'.
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