dimanche 18 janvier 2009

Inaugurations, birds and planes

It is said that a sincere, straightforward look of a maiden can generate so much turbulence
that if crossed in a pilot's cabin at 30,000 feet
she can bring the whole plane down.

And this, all at a time when the first Afro-American President is about to take office following in the steps of Lincoln!
Meanwhile, a bird in Washington D.C. -down for the inauguration
waits patiently in the icy weather for it's mate to arrive from New York
She waits, she waits but all she gathers is a feint wiff of

burnt bird coming from a northeasterly direction. It's present hunger on this cold, January day, despite the crowd and abundance of goodies, is drained. Nearby, a group of Chicago youths get off a bus and proceed to double dutch on the White House lawn.
The on looking bird flutters wings
preys for spirits aloft
And the Captain of the fallen plane, now home in a dry place, takes his washing machine for another spin to get Hudson river blotches out of his uniform.
The cycle is broken
Lincoln is smiling at Obama
and the country is smiling at him.
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