jeudi 13 novembre 2008

An applethought

It was an automn day, the light slightly faded and we were in our favorite apple field. Both of us were thinking of making compote; a tree's branch was dangling two spheres with symmetrical longing just before us. For a long while we were standing and thinking hard because the last time was a good year ago that anyhow I remember, making one from 5 sorts of apples; a tad of cinamon and sugar and boy was it delicous!
But this year, although you cannot see it, there was a trench that was dug in the ground, forbidding us to make our way to our favorite tree. That's why we're standing for a long time... would one of those apples fall off and roll all the way to us? Nothing was certain and for my mate and I, the conundrum didn't make our desire lighter yet just for a moment, with the ebbing of the light, a breeze changed direction and the air filled with the perfume of apple.

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