samedi 4 octobre 2008

Ice Cube Donnations

The experiment at the CERN, which was supposed to give us insight and understanding on how the universe originally formed, was a short lasting success. Particle beams were launched at speeds nearing that of light (or OJ Simpson running from the police) and a telltale bleep was detected on a screen after traveling the 27km underground centrifuge in .95 nanoseconds.

However, a few days later a rise in temperature (the Hadron collider's magnets need to operate at near absolute zero or 272°C or 458°F° -the Cern facility is the largest fridge in the world and it gets so cold down there penguins are specially trained to install and repair equipment), shutting it down. The picture below shows a Cern penguin being decorated for its contribution to Science.

At present the project is halted because the city of Geneva refuses to allow Cern to use all its energy. We are therefore making a public call for ice cubes in the hope that if enough is donated to fill the 27km Hadron tunnel, this experiment may resume and the origin of our universe finally be understood.
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