jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Honey Time

With the subject of foreclosure again buzzing in our ears some creative inner city kids have stormed to creating an activity that is popping across state lines: the making of honey! Today whether you are in L.A.'s South Central, Watts or in Detroit's Brightmoor district you can savor the quality of inner-city Honey. The following is a list of 10 brands that made our review, however we are looking forward to receiving new candidacies especially from abandoned housing areas where bees are now proliferating.

l. Sure Shot Honey -an untwisted, honed honey appreciated by Toy Cops and timers up north that goes with the tuff. Despite a slight tar and rubber aftertaste this blend tells the truth like no other.

2. Assed Out all Flowers Honey - A honey whose taste will catch you by surprise, l00% hood.

3. Scrub'n Scratch Honey -Rich in cardboard nutrients and traces of colorful graffiti. A honey for athletes looking for a natural boost.

4. Ak Eucaliptus 47 -A honey with a cool, smooth metal taste, loaded with G-train antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

5. Bum-Rush Honey -Made exclusively in abandoned lots and with bees benefiting from the elements of crashed parties, this clockin' punchy honey has an elaborated taste.

7. Phat Parley Pops Honey -A waxy yet deep tasting honey that is quick to digest before the cops arrive.

8. Krunky Honey -A good time honey whether you're on a mission or a newjack on the street you'll appreciate this brand that you can't xerox: an original!

9. Crackin' Crab Honey -A honey with attitude and a cold knock feel to be respected; a unique blend from Bed Stuy and Watts.

10. Ace Honey -This honey's amazing stickyness will protect your back, keep your stomach flat and fight off intruding bacteria. A honey well worth its price!
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