samedi 4 octobre 2008

Home Heating

With concern of rising feul prices home owners are opting more and more for a novel way to heat their habitacle: stuffed solar powered buffalos. Buffalos, by their mere stature and furryness, already offer warmth to the eye of even the most frivolous bipeds and now thanks to a new company called Solarbuff, one buffalo can heat between 500 and 700 sq feet of space. A truely new approach? Not really, as it turns out in some areas buffalos have been heating abodes for centuries. Archeological remains in Montana show that these creatures were filled with coal and the smoke would come out of their mouths and ears. "No longer suffer and pay high feul bills" says Bill Barney, a Solarbuff rep, "one buffalo heater in the living room and your children will be romping in a warm, ecological environment for years to come."
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