dimanche 21 septembre 2008

Wanted Texting

Presented as the ultimate in
hand-held communication with
64 chord speakers dual 3d stereo ear buds and
multi sensor touch keys to name a few

It's hand feeling comes in chrome, gold and
designer finishes galore
Cell phones and text-o's
Are never fearing with lines of endless subscribers
paying through their ass
And saying:

lol! ;-)

Now wanted this miniature hardware -ok soft too
Is responsible for thousands of senseless deaths
For people walking into cars
Cars running into trains
And trains crashing into trains

Sheriffs and deputies are out
looking and listening for a tra-la-la SMS signal
during an open heart surgery
or in kitchens while a father flips a French toast
to avert even more fatalities

Putting in jail the SMS is a national priority
putting an end to once bursting talking texts
insipid or not
the danger
deemed by the office of Homeland Security
was too much.
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