jeudi 4 septembre 2008

Tooth and Cheese

At 48
I checked into my dentist who
ripped, pushed and popped
my wisdom tooth out
Just like that -I had no time to see
or say goodbye to a loyal servant
So with a mouthful of blood
I made way to my supermarket to replace an ink cartridge
that had stopped inking
Adjacent to the cheese department it was
I had to walk by a cherubic headseted animator
A demo-guy with voice booming over thousands of square meters
Chuckling and smiling and small-stepping like a welterweight
He approached and offered me his 'fromage du jour'
Fruity aged a full 60 days or l/l68th of my departed tooth
I had a compelling choice on a large plateau
I smiled with red tongue and murmured 'dentiste'
And he retreated his offer as if tooth and cheese could never be one.
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