mardi 23 septembre 2008

My battery went dead and so did Time

It can happen like that!
It can happen to anybody
A moment of distraction or inattention and
You leave your car beeping
The lights on
The radio clanging
And when you return to slip your key in the ignition
You are confronted by a deadening sound: nothing

It is not as if your battery had been stolen
-which in New York happens more that often to the point
where I put my picture on my car's battery with thumb print and chain;

It is a yearly event to some or a ritual that hurls one into a panic
Seeking jumper cables and someone with the grace of heart who
will be willing to give you that JUMP!

And so on September l7th almost a year to the day of my last dead incident
it happened: my new-used Citroen Picasso wouldn't start.

At first with confidence I made my way to find cables and a colleague who had already helped me last year. But then upon opening the hood the trouble began: there was no battery! No it wasn't a case it being stolen but of a French engineer who somehow had the idea of not placing the battery near the engine. Still I tried with an impulse that was almost genetically traced to connect the cables to what might appear to be a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol.
To my surprise the cables sent fiery sparks into the air but I insisted with 19th century Frankenstienien ardor, wanting, insisting to create and transfer LIFE to my CAR! But when the cables began to melt down a hideous thought became me that was too late -for I didn't check the owners manual and now it would be seconds that my new old car would be a fireball.

By some miracle, now we were four surrounding the hood, a light-footed lady suggested to clip a wire to a most uncommon appendage, and vroooooom, the car started.

It started and my joy was beyond the summits of the Mer de Glace but then horror became me: the entire computer system went back to it's birth: January 5 1999. How could this be? My life was contorted to face the truth of that day.

And so, on a partly cloudy 73 degree cloudless sky, when the G3 Apple Towers went translucent 2 years before 9/11

When Jupiter did the twist with large cloud systems rotating, due to the collision of two oval hurricanes,

When a Sumu competition in Atlantic City was canceled and people fretted over the dawn of the Millenium,

When a 1200 sq foot Lower East Side apartment was sublet for $l675,
And a photo of Pinochet was published on his way to a London court

It was also time for another confrontation with the senate impeachment trails of President Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice,
"We have a constitutional duty here, it's a very serious one, it's one that we must carry forward, and we will do our very best to do that duty in the proper way ... (as) God gives us the light to see that way," said Lott, a Mississippi Republican

It was four days after the Euro was introduced and seven days before Britney Spears released her debut album and that day a French law that forbade vegetable oil from being recycled without a receipt -don't talk about smokeless bars yet! was enacted.

And we saw 6 $300,000 missiles were fired at Iraqi war planes that flew into the 'no fly zone' below the 33rd parallel and all of them missed.

As well as the new 'Manual of Indulgences' or Enchiridion Indulgentiarum is a hardcover English edition of the 1999 Enchiridion Indulgentiarum published by the Holy See.

That punishment or the vestiges of sin may remain to be expiated or cleansed and that they in fact frequently do even after the remission of guilt(8) is clearly demonstrated by the doctrine on purgatory. In purgatory, in fact, the souls of those "who died in the charity of God and truly repentant, but before satisfying with worthy fruits of penance for sins committed and for omissions (9) are cleansed after death with purgatorial punishments

On the 5th of January l999 deputy Mayor Gillooly presented the Employee-of-the-Quarter plaque to Mr. Joyce, along with a watch and a second plaque which will be on display in City Hall. He expressed his appreciation and congratulations to Mr. Joyce for his efforts.

And a Mexican inspired candy bar arrived on the shelves of an Arizona 7-11.

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