samedi 17 mai 2008

Breaking habits

Attachable, snapable social creatures we are
enamoured with Habit and Habit with us;
nevertheless, breaking scientific news has it that
switching to a new radio station, tying your shoelaces with the other hand and changing expressions when you meet someone will extend your lifespan.
Unbelieving? Brushing one's teeth at unusaul hours - allocated irregular saleries to your children may sound rash and lunatic but Dr. Sam Skittertopolis of the University of Reinzek states otherwise: "Getting out of the sedentary is what life is all about. Neurons are like slippers and unless you change them they get worn out." Still, at a conference for Habits and Dynamics a participant questioned whether zapping had finally found a medical role. "If you zap everyday, said the Doctor, holding on to his chin, " that too is a habit! It seems we must disconnect, feel the loss, and only then will pathogens pave a new hybrid highway."
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