mardi 8 avril 2008

The torch-bearer

I am an olympic torch-bearer

for years I practice my art

running in crowded shopping malls

turning sharp corners with the moves of

a rugby player

twisting, rolling, double-tracking like a rat

learning to be relaxed when thousands descend
on thee

I am an olympic torch-bearer

whose politics are unconfounded

In 2020 I ran in Kaboul in defiance of the protest to

liberate Alaska -the procession lasting only 32.77 seconds;

In 2024 while in Buenas Aires I lost 2 fingers to a

protester protesting the naming of New Macedonia

I earned the gold medal for running through a hostile crowd

of 15,600 in 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

In 2028 I may hang my shoes
and open a school to teach young torch-bearers
how to run!
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