mardi 22 avril 2008

jacuzzi economy

In my Millennium XI, round and spacious bath, I use my 24 strategically placed hydrotherapy jets on my body two times a week. It's a complete body massage I've been enjoying thanks to the contours and the built-in lumbar support, raised seats and arm rests. My thermostatically controlled heater, Shiatsu-Pro neck and back jetting system, lets me immerse myself in extra deep and spacious bathing wells.

True, I am pampered head to toe with six to nine hydrotherapy jets strategically placed throughout the bath focusing on areas of stress and discomfort. But what I most appreciate is the underwater mood light that, with my desired bathing temperature,that has taken away the stressful kinks I used to feel after a days work.

Only after some years of $1000 a month water bills, I've decided instead of cutting down on my baths that I would economize: simple as a bee, I've filled empty milk and plastic containers and I place them in my Millennium XI. A little bubble bath and voila! even my friends don't notice them! Now I have found true happiness in the 21st century. Love ya!

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