samedi 1 mars 2008

Taser Talk

Tasers have now won approval for family use. After several tests by the Arizona company that produces them a new version called the MA 26b ‘b’ for babyhas been given the green light by the department of health.The trail period lasted one year and involved over 1000 participants between the ages of 2 and 16. The children were tased with 40,000 volts for 5 seconds.“It’s a wonderful tool for child rearing” exclaimed Cindy Bell,a mother of 2. “When my six year old talks back I just give hima little shot of Tase and he just stays still –ok shaking a little-for a good 20 minutes. That gives me time to take care of errands that before I never had time for. “Before I used to threaten my girl with a baseball bat”said Tod Gateway. “That was disturbing to the neighbors and even my dog got upset. Now with the new MA26b, when I pull it out of its sleek holster and point the yellow and red nozzel, everyone,except my daughter, just goes ‘WOW’. The children Taser sales are going so well that the companyintends to open new production sites on all continents.
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