jeudi 14 février 2008

Valentines Poem

At the Geant hypermarché
this morning
I did a double take
(the electrical signal to my neck muscles I
executed with extreme rapidity)

A man, unshaven, walking with outward legs
as some Balenchine dancers do
With a sure stride he directed himself to the
check out
He carried in his strong arm a stuffed heart
with two legs

A Valentine's present for his beloved!
As the cashier -recently on strike- pressed her scanner
against the bar code in
-A laissez-faire sans hesitation vide de nature sexuelle-gest
My neurons ruminated over the unfair trade behind 3rd world
scences where the labour intensive invisibly exploited



In the name of Love

Yet in this absurd feel-good moment I smiled

It was my turn to pay

Happy Valentines!
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