mercredi 27 février 2008


My Mercedes dealership recieved me for

an appointment


filling a personal information update

with a free 120 point observation check

I accosted a seat in the client reception space

to meet a mechanical consultant

Seated adjacent were Dolce and Gabana and Hermes garbed

lawyers, rappers and middle of the riff raff

Impatiently we sat surrounded by

sterling of Mercedesrama:

watches, clothing articles and accessories

displayed unlike the run-of-the-mill garage

in true splendor

we waited staring at the chrome alloyed wheels

sipping on Starbucks coffee offered by the house valet

Then, my mechanical consultant arrived to determine

that an older mechanic had been requisitioned

meaning a few days wait to examine my 1990 series

I was passed a Mer-say-dees Cee Dee for easy listening

and offered a free car wash for the stress though

my partner would have appreciated the M-skin clinic

with an M-toothbrush

I was grateful for the big and small attentions

and as I pulled my low-cut denims to unexpose my butt

a reception consultant with eyes sparkling bid me a great day.

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