jeudi 14 février 2008

The Hand Dryer

How many a time do we wash our hands?
Often, not often, for deliveries only?
Like it or not the skin gets wet

But nowadays, since the invention of the jet engine
Both in public and in private
for a light charge
we can -free of microbe-infested damp towels
dry (our) hands using ho-hot air!

For decades with their notorious punching ball knobs
and ear-piercing wind tunnel sound effects
those metalic machines incited us to clap and slap
(in a lab Chimps remained quiet to this spectacle)

Until the now newborn droplets ran off the skin like
assylum seekers seeking cover

And then one day, not so far into the recent past,
a new master hand blow-dryer was developed
with the intent to eliminate all clapping and
to whirl the hot air
where no hot air has gone before:

between gangly fingers and
up wrinkles or creases

The H2o is now ejected off the surface
like a fighter plane says au revoir to its pilot

Today, we are saved from all that needless hand shaking
Today, we can wash our hands and dry them
like dignified
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