samedi 29 mars 2014

Dancing Smilies

According to recent studies,

michael jackson dancing emoticon
Michael Jackson dancing

people are addicted to dancing smilies
dancing smiley emoticon
Dancing smiley
dancing penguin emoticon
Dancing penguin
carlton dancing emoticon
Carlton dancing
woman belly dancing emoticon
Woman belly dancing
dancing emoticon

Although it may in cases reduce blood pressure 
dancing monkey emoticon
Dancing monkey
hula dance emoticon
Hula dance

like looking at a bowl of fish
dancing poop emoticon
Dancing poop

The fact that everyday one posts a smilie is 
big dancing banana emoticon
Big Dancing Banana
mc hammer dancing emoticon
MC Hammer dancing

now considered a new form of literature
ipod dance emoticon
iPod dance
michael jackson dance emoticon
Michael Jackson dance
dancing rose emoticon
Dancing Rose

But if you're looking for a gay or transgender smilie
dancing chicken emoticon
Dancing Chicken
laurel and hardy dancing emoticon
Laurel And Hardy Dancing

You may look
dancing good morning emoticon
Dancing Good Morning

and look
dancing cat emoticon
Dancing Cat

and look
rapper dancing troll emoticon
Rapper Dancing Troll
troll dad dancing emoticon
Troll Dad Dancing
moon walk emoticon
Moon Walk

You can smilie your next CV
dancing turkey emoticon
Dancing Turkey
funny dance emoticon
Funny dance

Use it on your coop application 
girl happy dance emoticon
Girl Happy Dance
brian dancing banana emoticon
Brian Dancing Banana
heavy metal hand gesture emoticon
Heavy Metal Hand Gesture

OR in the voting booth
super happy dance emoticon
Super Happy Dance
woohoo dancing banana emoticon
Woohoo Dancing Banana
funny dancing stickman emoticon
Funny Dancing Stickman
troll meme emoticon
Troll Meme
headbanging and rock fist emoticon
Headbanging and Rock Fist

Don't begrudge the banana Cyclopse
dancing cat emoticon
Dancing Cat
happy dance emoticon
Happy Dance
happy feet emoticon
Happy feet
dancing kitten emoticon
Dancing Kitten
dancing stickman emoticon
Dancing stickman
soccer player dancing emoticon
Soccer Player Dancing
butt dance emoticon
Butt Dance

Or an allusion that your Religion
cheerful dancing baby emoticon
Cheerful Dancing Baby
dancing hippo emoticon
Dancing Hippo

Needs consulting with the Pope
dance party dj emoticon
Dance party DJ
moonwalking smiley face emoticon
Moonwalking smiley face
banana dancing with mario emoticon
Banana dancing with Mario

banana riding llama emoticon
Banana riding llama
rocking stickman emoticon
Rocking stickman
dancing smiley face emoticon
Dancing Smiley Face

troll u mad emoticon
Troll U Mad
happy dancing elephant emoticon
Happy Dancing Elephant

forever alone dancing emoticon
Forever Alone Dancing
dancing turkey emoticon
Dancing turkey

crazy happy dog emoticon
Crazy Happy Dog
happy elmo emoticon
Happy Elmo

moonwalker emoticon
happy times emoticon
Happy Times

In every
stewie dancing emoticon
Stewie dancing
michael jackson emoticon
Michael Jackson

colorful banana emoticon
Colorful Banana

there is a vowel
troll dancing emoticon
Troll Dancing
dancing banana with poop picket emoticon
Dancing banana with poop picket

to dance on
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