mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Walden III

Winter was hard on the caddies and that's when they got most worn and rusty. Out of precaution I filled a caddy with covers to be sheltered from the chill and the winds from the Great Lakes.
The carts seems to move up and down the lot with much less speed compared to the fall, as if they had taken on extra weight and shoppers had more difficulty pushing them.
I especially felt sorry for the guys who were out there late in the day grouping all the caddies together into long train-like accordions and having to push them with all their might. One such caddy pusher was Vincent. He often whistled as he went about his work and he would tell me he preferred working outside, far from the speakers blaring out discounted merchandise every 5 minutes. Out on the lot, despite a strained back, Vincent found peace.
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