mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Walden III

I spent 2 years, 2 months and 2 days at a Walmart shopping center in Illinois. The experiment started on November 22nd 2007 and ended January 24th 2009. There are several experiences that I had which, in time, I would like to relate. To begin, I would like to speak about my perception of shopping carts through the 4 seasons.
Autumn 2007
In the late fall, when I started, the early dew hung on the shopping carts until the sun sleepily snuck out of the horizon. Often customers were caught by surprise by the wet handles and once, on a foggy morning I saw two shoppers collide with their caddies. Fortunately they were empty and nothing was lost. I thought it was special but it turned out that one of the unexpected things from living on a parking lot was all the entertainment from caddies with broken wheels which made shoppers struggle to guide them straight! Collisions happened often I developed a system to rate them but I had promised, that over the 2 years that I would never intervene. And so on a daily basis I witnessed crash after crash, sometimes people would crash their caddies into their own cars.
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