vendredi 26 décembre 2008

Snowy solar panels

Driveways and sidewalks in the winter take on another allure and surely we can thank all those pumping hearts who have heaved shovelful after shovelful of white fluffy snow while braving freezing conditions. And from the time of Charlie Chaplin or before cleaning snow could earn you a nickle as long as you don't just throw it in front of the neighbor's yard!
Today, with the advent of solar panels only the few "low lying" installations are easily accessible for cleaning (and of course just one square inch of snow can shut down those timid electrical cells), and most are hard to get to.

Fortunately, there are newly conceived specially made shoes that enable one today to adhere to the most slippery surface and clean panels at even the highest heights without the slightest risk of falling from high structures be it in Alaska or Nevada -you never know when a freak snowstorm can hit.
However, it is recommended to stay away from electrical devises such as vacuum cleaners to clean the panels; traditional shovels, brooms or squeegees are more than apt for the job. Other solar innovations such as solar jackets, solar bags or solar bicycles need common sense during wintry months: a brush here, a wipe there, and those little panels will be back humming again.
More problematic, it seems are wind turbines ejecting frozen chunks of snow onto bystanders, cows and other creatures.

Here a Hulk figure was passing just under a turbine when he got hit with a lump of snow and went ape against a normally passive Red Devil dinosaur. The FTTWAP is now actively studying

the problem of snow ejections from wind turbines and hopefully a sound solution will blow this way in the near future. All suggestions are welcome.
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