lundi 20 octobre 2008

Alternative transportation

There is good news on the horizon: taking from technology of the 1670's when Francis Lama thought up the use of copper vacuum balloons, Alitalia, which has been in a financial turmoil has decided to sell it's fleet and buy into an old form of air transport.

These vacuum balloons with a few modifications are capable of transporting sizable freight such as bananas which are resistant fruits

or animals that have trouble migrating to parts of the planet that are over urbanized.

In case of a major incident an escape hatch is available for people that will allow all passengers to survive.

The Alitalia Flyng Ship will be equipped with the latest in recycling technology such as ice boxes, composting toilets and recycled ziplocks -for an extra charge.
Flights will not be equipped with movies but courses on subjects such as "What to do when your spouse is emitting gases?" or "Carborexic? 10 steps to joy and satisfaction" will be offered.
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