dimanche 20 avril 2008

Honey bees and foreclosures

Honey bees, proliferating in zones where

building has come to and abrupt stop

are more apt in this economic downturn

to produce velvety honey than in boom times.

Studies show that honey beens can read

forclosure sale signs at a distance of 600 yards

Then a cloud descends on the structure to
colonise the area and produce honey.

Fortunately for Tom, a local bee professional, he has been rubbing his

tummy in recent months: on call smoking

out the bees (he nicknames Sub-bees) and kidnapping the queens

to work at his own honey farm is part of his daily chores.
A single man who lives

in a trailer (he pays his rent in honey), licking his sticky

fingers he says: "this activity has been eentense lately an haven't got much sleep.
True, this single life is fine with me for the moment

but I'm waiting the day I git stung by a woman, have a house

an' settle down."

The bees that were contacted for this article refused to comment.
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